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SJRTD Case Study PNG

San Joaquin RTD

SJRTD needed a system that would assist with their NTD reports and keep data in their original unique datasets to break down cross-departmental silos. TransTrack was able to hep. 

City of Montebello Case Study Final PNG

Montebello Bus 

Montebello Bus Lines had the challenge of looking for new software while also desiring consulting assistance on their NTD reporting. TransTrack was able to meet both of those needs. 

San Diego MTS Final PNG

San Diego MTS

MTS' wanted the ability to monitor different departments as well as their private contractor in order to make smart business decisions. TransTrack was able to assist on both fronts. 

AVTA Case Study Final

Antelope Valley Transit Authority 

While many transit agencies are slowly moving towards using Zero Emissions Bus fleets across the country, Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) has successfully gone all-in, by passing a new milestone of seven million miles of zero-emission bus operations in 2022.

Tri Delta Transit Case Study (ECCTA)

Tri Delta Transit (ECCTA) 

ECCTA (Tri Delta Transit) wanted a software system that acted as a central repository for all of their data. Most of the agency data was scattered across multiple departments, in different spreadsheets that did not match with other departments.


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