Customer Service Tool

The Customer Service Tool provides the ability for Agencies to manage the customer feedback process, starting with the initial call and ending with the close of the investigation. The agency controls the content of the drop-down menus.  


The Customer Service Tool allows for direct entry of customer information, nature of their complaint or commendation, and incident details.  The call taker details the call and assigns the incident to a supervisor for investigation. 


The supervisor opens the same record and details their investigation.  All comments entered by the call taker and supervisor are documented within the record; it automatically creates a log.  In addition, any responses to the customer can entered in the record and a log is created of those, as well. 

Provide Data In Multiple Formats - TransTrack Systems recognizes data is used in a variety of ways.  Standard reports, such as executive dashboards, provide the ability to quickly assess your agencies performance and operating effectiveness.  Business analysis requires access to data at a more detailed level with the ability to sort, filter, and trend data to best provide the needed information.  TransTrack Manager™ offers a wide range of options to serve our clients. 


Drill-Down Capability - Available throughout the TransTrack Manager™ application in the form of user defined parameters and report filters.   Data is displayed in a number of views that allow our clients to see various levels of detailed and summary level data.  View and report filters allow clients to define the data to be displayed.  Examples of standard filters include Date Range, Route, Program, Division, Mode, Service Type, Vehicle #, type of Incident, type of Complaint.


TransTrack Manager™ offers a variety of options for delivering information to system users including static reports, dashboards, line graphs, bar charts and pie charts.  TransTrack Manager™ also provides the ability for users to export data from views and reports.  Formatted report data can be exported in PDF format.  Detailed data from system views may be filtered and exported to a .csv file format for use in Microsoft Excel or other applications, for ad hoc analysis and reporting.

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