TransTrack EAM

As a package explicitly intended for use by transit systems, TransTrack EAM provides the following capabilities:

  • Operator defect reporting and work order generation

  • Road call tracking and reporting

  • Transit specific scheduling

  • National Transit Database (NTD) maintenance reporting

  • Vehicle histories and PM histories with intervals for FTA triennial review

  • Transit specific inventory management:

    • cross referencing of parts inventory numbers for OEM's, aftermarket parts suppliers, and UPC codes to house numbers

    • capital item purchases valuation and tracking

    • unit rebuild costing and valuation

    • part number supersessions (full tracking history)

    • core returns

    • kit capability (as kit, kit assembly, kit breakdown)

  • Fuel Data Management

  • Meter change-outs for hubometer replacement, histories maintained by life-to-date mileages

  • Alternative Fuel Data Management

  • Setup, entry, and tracking for campaigns, recalls, and seasonal work

  • Tire lease reporting

  • Tracking of maintenance work or services by outside vendors

  • Billing capability for warranty work, insurance work, or work charged to other departments or agencies


TransTrack EAM is easy to use. Data entry is intuitive and readily understandable for maintenance supervisors, foremen, mechanics, maintenance administrative personnel, parts counter staff, purchasing clerks, and tire personnel. Detailed and summary information for vehicles and parts is readily available on screen with a few mouse clicks. Supervisors, foremen, and mechanics can easily look up and display a vehicle's complete work order history, PM history, daily fuel and mileage, and parts usage history. Parts personnel can easily look up and display issue history and receiving and adjustment history for any inventory item. Managers can generate their own monthly or annual cost and performance reports.

Fleet maintenance, inventory, purchasing software for transit

  • Shop Floor - paperless real time mechanic work order data entry

  • Mobile Inventory - paperless real time inventory issues, physical inventory on mobile computers

  • Operator reported defects / Work requests - paperless fleet work request data entry

  • Automated fueling interfaces

  • Financial system interfaces

TransTrack Facilities EAM

Facilities maintenance software for transit

  • Facilities Field Access - web based paperless real time work order data entry on tablets

  • Facilities Work Requests - paperless facilities work request data entry

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