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The New Website

This is a new start.  In a decade of change, fear, and challenges we seek to overcome with the application of effort and resolve.  The roaring 20's have a new meaning in the 21st century, and we refuse to sit back and be beaten down with negativity and pessimism.  The solution is quite simple, we look to improve what we can, what we have control over, so that we may retain our strength and pass the time until our global challenges are discarded into pages of history and bits of information.  COVID-19 has had an impact on everyone.  And although these impacts are seemingly all negative, we will come out of this epidemic a stronger community.

TransTrack staff believe that this is the time to grow and improve our efforts, image, and relationships with our clients.  We are actively looking to engage with every one of our clients in a positive and beneficial way.  This is something we can control and an attitude we can all get behind.

Our Core Values all embed a tone of positivity, collaboration, and empowerment:

    -  We are one team that is committed to customer satisfaction.

    -  We pursue excellence in consulting and reporting system capabilities for our clients.

    -  We empower staff to take action and collaborate to achieve the best results.

    -  We care about our staff, clients, and communities.

    -  We lead by example.

With that in mind, you will see an increase in TransTrack's presence.  This is the first of multiple blog posts, whitepapers, and product updates.  We are applying new and adventurous research and development with updated analytics and reporting, new functionality, and new products.  We are enhancing and conducting new types of training, and we are increasing our staffing levels to meet this effort.  We want to make it easier and more enjoyable for our clients to make effective business decisions.

It is time.  These roaring 20's will be TransTrack's breakout decade.  We welcome you to come along and join us in this effort.

     - Nathan Atherstone, Senior Consultant

The New Website


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