TransTrack Facilities EAM

The TransTrack Facilities EAM software package is now available for transit systems with tools specifically designed for facilities maintenance staff. Use TransTrack Facilities EAM to manage scheduled maintenance for equipment, buildings, transit facilities, park and ride lots, etc, field work requests for facilities maintenance, and manage materials used for facilities maintenance.

Facility Management is designed specifically for transit agencies and is setup within the software in accordance with the FTA guidance segregating facilities into Maintenance, Administrative and Passenger Facility asset classes. 

The TransTrack Facilities EAM software provides the ability to assess the condition of the major facility components such as site, substructure, shell, conveyances, electrical systems, HVAC, fire protection, etc.

TransTrack Facilities EAM also provides the ability to identify capital projects for each facility to maintain them within the State of Good Repair.

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