TransTracks TAM tool was designed to help public transit agencies perform TAM planning and reporting for rolling stock, equipment and facilities to comply with the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) TAM requirements, in accordance with 49CFR Parts 625 and 630 (TAM Final Rule) and MAP-21, the Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014. The TAMFinal Rule requires that transit agencies report their asset inventory, State of Good Repair (SoGR), and investment plans for three asset categories: facilities, rolling stock, and equipment. The reporting will be used to better plan the maintenance and replacement of these assets and to justify future transportation funding from the federal government. Read More »
With the TAM Tool, agencies can set up their vehicle fleet and equipment into asset classes and types to setup and manage customized Useful Life Benchmarks (ULB's) that are tailored for how they use and maintain their equipment. The tool also follows the asset from purchase through disposition at the end of life and manages replacement cost and planning for each of the assets. Facility Management is setup within the TAM tool in accordance with the FTA guidance segregating facilities into Maintenance,Administrative and Passenger Facility asset classes. The TAM Tool provides the ability to assess the condition of the major facility components such as site, substructure, shell, conveyances, electrical systems, HVAC, fire protection, etc. The tool also provides the ability to identify capital projects for each facility to maintain them within the State of Good Repair. Close »