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TransTrack and Trapeze Data & Analytics Integrate to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Transit Data


TransTrack Solutions Group provides state of the art transit data software. Read our blog for Transit Agencies across the USA.

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Make data-driven decisions easier and submit regulatory reports faster with analysis tools designed for public transit


If there is one thing there’s no shortage of in public transit, it’s data. Terabytes of transit data are generated daily across every agency, from buses to the garage and from dispatch to operations. Someone has to make sense of all this data. For over 20 years, TransTrack Solutions Group has had one goal: to make data analysis and reporting faster, easier, and more accurate. TransTrack is built on the foundation of accumulating transit data from a myriad of sources to generate unparalleled insight into performance, allowing each agency to offer the best rider experience.

At the same time, Trapeze Data & Analytics, with its flagship business intelligence solution, ViewPoint, has focused on creating deep integrations for advanced data analysis from Trapeze, Vontas, and TripSpark products. Like TransTrack, ViewPoint, helps transit agencies improve operations and on-time performance (OTP) to deliver a better experience to their customers by transforming data into actionable insights. making data analysis easy.

Both ViewPoint and TransTrack offer cloud solutions for public transportation that make dealing with interwoven spreadsheets a thing of the past. They have saved agencies countless hours by making analysis and reporting easy, automating NTD reports, and empowering each team member to make data-driven decisions.

The TransTrack and the ViewPoint teams come together as one under the TransTrack Solutions Group brand to unlock the full potential of transit data.

Why come together now?

TransTrack and ViewPoint had the chance to collaborate on several projects and realized joining the two teams would give us an amazing opportunity to be better and offer more to our customers. Together, TransTrack and ViewPoint are greater than the sum of their parts, truly a 1+1=3 situation that combines the knowledge and experience of an extended team.

The two teams from ViewPoint and TransTrack live and breathe transit data. They spend all their time working with the data and creating better (and easier) ways to analyze it. Together, these teams create industry-leading algorithms that help improve every aspect of transit operations. Both teams are already working together and excited for the future of TransTrack.

As part of the Modaxo family of companies, TransTrack Solutions Group benefits from the shared expertise and histories of the entire group of products. The combined team offers over 100 years of experience, drawing from the public, private, and research sectors to give you a depth of experience no one else can.

Sounds great, what’s on the horizon?

Fusing two businesses and teams is an exciting yet considerable effort. The integration is already well on its way. In 2024, we’re focused on supporting our customers and integrating our teams and processes. With the experience of our team and insights from over 120 customers, TransTrack plans to continue innovating to become the data and analytics powerhouse for the public transportation industry.

We’d love to hear your ideas for improving and expanding TransTrack. Please reach out—we can’t wait to get your feedback.

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TransTrack Solutions Group

TransTrack Solutions Group provides our customers with technology, tools, and specialized transit solutions. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and support give our customers the confidence to trust in the integrity of their data, make data readily available for staff and management, and facilitate informed decision-making.

TransTrack is under the leadership of Terry Hinman, General Manager. Paola Realpozo is the Vice President of Operations & Customer Experience, responsible for Sales, Marketing, Professional Services, and Customer Care. Dan McCaslin is Product Director, responsible for Product Management and Development. Neil O’Reilly is the Director of Finance, responsible for the financial activities of the company.

TransTrack portfolio includes TransTrack Manager® (with National Transit Data (NTD) Reporting for Compliance), Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Module, EAM Fleet and Facilities, Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) Reporting, APC Certification, ViewPoint BI for OPS (Operations and Workforce Management), EAM (Asset Management and Maintenance), PASS (Demand Response), COM (Communications), Running Times (Scheduling and Planning), and OnRoute (CAD/AVL - Dispatching). 


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